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Check Out Katy Perry’s Amazing New Hair that Made Everyone Wonder Who She Was

Katy Perry knows how to turn up in style and leave everyone speechless. This time she added a new dimension to it with a hair transformation that you will fancy.

You may already be familiar with her short blonde look, she took it to another level with the same blonde look, but guess what? This time it’s a completely different style.

The Beautiful Hair

After her major hair transformation, she decided to share a picture on her Instagram page and we’re all in love with her new look.

Her Instagram picture also revealed that she uses the same hairstylist as beauty star Kim Kardashian. His name is Chris Appleton, and he is responsible for many other major hair transformations stars have documented in the past.

Kate Perry shared the same hairstylist with Kim Kardashian

However, being that she donned her previous short blonde hair at the just-concluded Coachella, it is safe to say that a wig was used for this new hairstyle.

There definitely is no way she could have grown her hair to be that long in less than a week. However, even though they’re fake, they still make her look adorable, and no one can really argue with that.

How Long Will The Hair Last?

Katy Perry actually gave an insight as to why she went for this new look. From an interview in 2017, she explained that her short blonde hair made her lose most of her natural hair.

The short blond hair helped people focus more on Kate’s face

It is obvious that she liked the previous hairstyle a lot. She did not have to think about it for too long before she had her hair styled blonde and short.

When she was asked why she kept that style for so long, she stated that it was her favourite one and it also enhanced her facial beauty, which made people focus more on her face. We are yet to find out how long Katy Perry will be rocking this new style.

Pregnancy rumors

Many are speculating that the main reason why she has decided to take a break is because she is trying to get pregnant with her fiance,  Orlando Bloom.

Orland Boom Proposed to Kate Perry with a $5 million ring

Contrary to some people’s opinion, the decision for the couple to be together isn’t as straightforward as it seems, with the couple separating for a while 2 years ago. Although, they claimed that it was a mutual choice to take some loving time apart.

Ever since their make-up, they have waxed stronger and have taken their relationship more seriously. Over the past few years, we’ve seen them almost everywhere, as well as touring the world together.

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